Barge and Lighter Port

SIAMCSP’s lighter port os upported by modern equipment facilitate bulk cargo loading/unloading as some commodities are required for unique handling for humidity and polution control whilst respecting the high quality performance, environmental standard and the safety of operators.

Port Summary

Port operating size a width of 40 metres and lengh of 250 metres
Operating area 12,000 square metres
Jetty Length 800 metres
Draft 5.5 Metres (LWL / 8,000MT)
Rate 8-10 units per time
Equipment Crane, Macro, trailer, loader, Backhoe, etc.
Productivity 3,000-5,000 tons per day
Capacity/year 4,000,000 Tons / year


  • Comprehensive cargo handling
  • One-stop warehousing and logistics operator
  • Cargo routing networks to other ports in the region and overseas

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