Mission, Vision & Values


“We are committed to being one of leading logistics operators in Thailand and Asia Pacific region.”


1. To provide customer with excellent performance as promised and always to open the door for internal and external aspects to give us suggestions or opinios to upgrade our performance and fulfill customer’s requirements.
2. To enhance our productivity and potential of our employees at every level for boosting their energetic working and creativity in serving our customer with premium performance.
3. To operate all services under consideration of safety and environment in conjunction with changes in current situation.

Core Values

Our core value has been an inspiration in driving for our organisation’s promsing growth and business adjustment as always.

    1. Excellent services

    We are intended to provide the exception al service whilst maintaining our standardised operation including customer suggestion acceptance for our more efficient performance to fully fulfill our customer’s requirement. In addition, the benefits of customer are taken into our account as top priority and emphasise on high quality of our services to bring the loyalty of customer in return.

    2. Ongoing development

    We dedicated to consistantly improving our services by means of learning for an extensive logistics insight and working with positive attitude as well seeking for innovation for transport procedure development for most efficient operating.

    3. Awareness of employee value

    SIAMCSP realizes that employees are the most value asset of an organisation. For this reason, we are committed to efficiently working together with trust, care, and respect one another for delivery of premium performance to customer.

    4. Professional performance

    As a professional sea port operator with working experiences for more 40 years, we are strongly certain of an extensive professional of our management and operating teams. It is considered that our professional operating plays an essentail part in pushing us towards top quality services to customer.

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