About Us

Objectives and Philosophy

With Siam Commercial Seaport Company Limited (SIAMCSP)’s working experience for more 40 years, SIAMCSP focuses on the highest quality of our services in aspects of fulfilling the most satisfaction of customer with “Speed, Safety, Honesty and customer impression on priority. We are stategically placed with the collaboration of optimal facilities and continuous potential development on services in logistics to fully satisfy the requirements of customer in line with our productivity growth and economic and social change including technology integration for the present and in the future.

According to Thailand’s increasing transportation structure growth in import and export activities or domestic commodity transport, SIAMCSP highly realises the significance of logistics activities supporting transport and logistics sectors. We therefore pave the way for developing our services to integrated logistics business—open yard storage and warehouse facilities, warehousing and distribution management, packing, cargo handling along with berthing services by means of expanding our facilities area for open yard storage and warehousing for meeting our customer’s needs on the increase.

SIAMCSP recognises the importance of all transport modes such as railway or waterway, so we initiate projects for “Multimodal Transportation” regarded as another optional mode of transport for delivery of the most valuable services to our customer and Thailand’s logistics potential development.